shipping trough our hub in miami:

You can ship from a single envelope of documents, to few boxes, pallets, or a full container.

1. Make sure to use properly packing and protection for the shipment.

2. All shipments must be accompanied by a Commercial Invoice. <More info here>

3. It's suggested to make a Packing list  <More info here>

3. Contact us to activate your account (for the first time). <Cick here to contact us>

4. Send it to our export warehouse using your preferred transport company or contact us to pick-up

Ship to:


ITG Global Freight

6310 NW, 99th Ave

Doral, FL 33178


import customs process

We would anticipate all the needs and requirements, this would reduce considerably the chances for delays or challenges at Customs.

We prepare a detailed customs declaration based on the Commercial Invoices and pay Import duties to the Government.

After Import duties has been paid, CUSTOMS authority may still want to make a physical inspection of the goods, to validate the accuracy of the declaration. If the Invoices are complete there won't be any problems, if the inspector finds products or items "out of manifest" then there would be fines, delays and re-processing of the Customs Declaration.

KEY OF SUCCESS; COMMERCIAL INVOICES MUST BE COMPLETE and declare all the contains on the shipment.

We analyze everything from supply chain management to employee compensation.

consolidate multiple orders for a single international shipment

Our consolidation Hub in Miami can receive all your shipments up to one month without any extra charge.

If you have several different vendors they can ship the orders directly to us and we will hold them together until shipping moment.

Everytime we receive a shipment for your account, we will create a Warehouse Receipt (WR) which shows all the details including quantity of pieces, weight, dimensions, shipper and consignee, and a unique identification code to be used through the shipping process.

Each shipment must be accompanied with its Commercial Invoice.

Please remember to prealert your tracking #' for a better cross control and service.

expert analysis

Businesses need vision. We'll provide one along with the steps to get there.​

Our consultants' experience spans all industries, we will be pleased to reply inmediately.

When would you need to ship stuff?

  • Corporate Events, Programs and Conventions.
  • Trade Shows, demostrations.
  • Concerts or Public Shows.
  • Family Trips
  • Household Moving
  • Personal Purchases
  • Professional and Corporate Purchases
  • Online Shopping


strategic planning

risk mangement


Once the shipment is released we will pick-up the cargo SAFE to your hands.



A Free guide of how to ship to

costa rica

Professional advisory for a successful shipping to our country, there are many things to enjoy in our beautiful country, just relax and enjoy Costa Rica as a life experience. We will take care of all your shipping  arrangements and details.

Corporate Event and conventions

Weddings and family trips

Household Movings

Home owners and residents

We will take care of this for you, but for your peace of mind, here you will find FAQs and TIPS for a safe shipping.

Your business could be exposed to risk. We make sure you're protected.

Our Services


ONCE we have your shipment complete, we will take care of all export process, transport booking and all the paperwork.

  • Ship by Plane: our 2nd day shipping service guarantees space with the cargo airlines, even on the busiest seasons of the year.  The air shipments will fly out of Miami and reach a Bonded warehouse for Customs import process.  Shipping by plane is NOT always more expensive, this is just great for Mid-size shipments, for valuable stuff  and save some time, when there is a tight schedule it's not worth it to take risks of delays at the Vessel Ports, weather conditions, or truck transportation.

  • Ship by Ocean: our weekly LCL (Less container Load) from Miami is a guranteed service with 8 days in transit to San Jose Costa Rica., you don't need to make a complete container by yourself, we have enough cargo coming every week to make it. The container will be loaded by our people in Miami and unloaded by ourselves at Bonded warehouse in San Jose CR, the container remains closed and sealed during all the transit time for a nothing loss and non risk of losses.

what can i ship and what not???

Costa Rica's Government controls all the Imports by the CUSTOMS Department, and private Customs Brokers who acts in representation of the importers.

All the imports are subject to duties payment which are collected by the Government based on Customs laws and procedures. As long as you have OUR proactive advisory, everything will pass thorugh Customs without problems or delays.

It's allowed to import any kind of "Dry" products, the list is infinite but it's common to ship Office Supplies, Party Supplies, Marketing and POP Materials, banners, printed materials, Souvenirs, gift bags, Awards, clothing, hats, caps, branded or logo gifts, electronics, cameras, sun glasses, backpacks, small eelectronic quipments, surf boards, etc.  most of these items would be charged  average of 35% of Import duties.

However there are RESTRICTED items to import, because they will require special import permits which may not be feasible to get on time nor cost efficient. ANY ITEMS FOR HUMAN OR ANIMAL CONSUMPTION, Food, Liquors, Beverages, Medicines and drugs, COSMETICS including Sunblock, Creams, Lotions, Parfumes, Lip Balms, etc.  Also Chemical products and hazard materials, flammable, aerosols, are restricted too.  ---If you need assistance on these please contact us---